High Five for Friday!

I'm going to eventually link up with Lauren at from my grey desk for these High 5 posts. Every week, Lauren gives the top 5 highlights of her week, and invites other bloggers to do the same. I don't feel I'm quite ready to link up and really get my blog out there, so for now I'll just share my own 5 highlights and not tell the entire world. ( :

1. My husband and I had a great day together yesterday! I had an upper endoscopy done first thing in the morning, which was not exactly fun, but afterwards, we spent the whole day together. Granted, I was groggy and extremely tired from the sedation, but I'll take what I can get. We did a little shopping, and a lot of talking, which was wonderful.

2. I discovered Pancake Puppies at Denny's! Yesterday was my first time eating at a Denny's restaurant, and it was really good. But my favorite thing was the Pancake Puppies we got as an appetizer. (I know, right? Who needs an appetizer for breakfast?? I do, when I've not been allowed to eat since the night before and its waaaaay past my normal breakfast time!
3. Even better, I found out how to make them! Maybe this shouldn't count as 2 things, but if you tried them, you'd probably understand. Its actually not as hard as I thought, so this is definitely something I am going to try soon! (This recipe is for the blueberry/white chocolate ones, which sound Divine, but I had the strawberry ones yesterday. You dip them in cream cheese icing and it is heavenly!)

4. Dye-free children's ibuprofen. We don't use a lot of pain medication for C, but lately we've been giving her ibuprofen at bedtime. She's cutting 4 molars and she is in serious pain (as evidenced by her constant waking up and screaming throughout the night). The doctor told us it was fine to give her ibuprofen every night until the molars are in. She likes the grape flavored stuff (I always buy generic to save money), but its dyed purple. I recently purchased some dye-free generic (I think I have the Target version). Its berry flavored. I gave it to C last night and she loved it. Score! I read a long time ago that all the dyes that go into foods, drinks, and medications can be irritating for some people, especially kids. All kinds of issues have been linked to dyes. So just in case, I like to avoid them when possible.
5. The beach! DH and I took C this past Sunday. It wasn't C's first time at the beach, but it was her first time this year. Meaning, it was her first time when she could actually play! Last summer, she wasn't walking and the beach did not impress her. She loved it this time! We went in the morning when it wasn't so hot or crowded. We played in the water, built sandcastles (which C immediately destroyed, haha), and looked for seashells (which C decided should be thrown back into the ocean right away). Our beach day was a perfect day. ( :

What are the highlights from YOUR week?

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