Here is where I'll have links and info on Natural Family Planning (NFP). I plan to build this section little by little! ( :

My Story Part 1

My Story Part 2

My Story Part 3

My Story Part 4

Taking Charge of Your Fertility website

The Couple to Couple League  is a really great website with info on NFP, with a Christian viewpoint. Well, actually the CCL is a Catholic organization, and they promote abstinence during the woman's fertile period (since barrier methods of birth control is not cool with the Pope, I guess), but its still really good info if you're learning about NFP. I am not Catholic, nor to I profess to know much about Catholicism, so if I'm wrong on that, please don't take offense! Just going by what the CCL website says. ( : I also like the CCL because they promote "extended" breastfeeding (as a means of delaying fertility, though it doesn't work for everyone - case in point, me!! haha)

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