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Last night I mentioned that my friend Jessica over at Stitches, Seams, and Sass nominated me for the Liebster Award. Its pretty cool. Other bloggers nominate small-time blogs they like as a way to gain more readers and honor the blogs. I'm down with that, even though my posting here is sporadic at best. ( :

Its a pretty award. ( :

Here are the "rules" that go along with this award:
I'm gonna have a hard time with nominating 5-11 blogs. Especially since I've quit reading so many blogs religiously. The blogs I do follow already have huge followings, so they're not eligible - well, except for Jessica's blog, but she's already been nominated for the award. So what I'll do is when I run across a small blog I like, I'll come back and edit this post to nominate them for the Liebster Award. That'll work, right? ( :

Here are my answers to the questions Jessica asked on her blog...

1. Why did you start your blog?
I've kept a blog for 10+ years now, but my first blog is now completely private and I use it to record life events that are more personal, like a diary. I started this one a few years ago because I thought it would be fun to try to have a blog that people actually wanted to read. I live in the South, out in the country on a farm, and I do a lot things a little differently than others around here, so I felt like I had a lot I could share. Not that I think my way of doing things is any better than anyone else's. I'm "crunchy" but I'm not overboard about it. I use cloth diapers and feed my family Hamburger Helper. It is what it is. ( :

2. If you could have any job for a day, what would it be?
Professional equestrienne. Though I'd want to do it for more than a day! Years ago, I had the opportunity to be the manager of a huge new horse barn. I had worked at the owner's barn for a few years, and she got a new property and made her company much bigger. She asked if I would go be the manager at the new place, but I turned her down because it was about an hour away from home. (I know lots of people commute that distance to work, but I didn't like the idea of being an hour away if an emergency arose with my horses, and as manager I would have been in charge of a LOT of horses. I feel like a barn manager should be near the barn.) Now, the farm seems to be quite successful. It attracts reputable dressage trainers and produces horses with awesome bloodlines and potential. I don't exactly regret turning down the job, because I don't think I'd have my girls if I worked there, but I always wonder what if I had taken her up on the offer? Would I be riding a fancy dressage horse in some big-time show? Would I be traveling up and down the east cost with a slew of show horses? Who knows. Its a dream. I have three horses here, but I have managed to ride exactly once in the 7 months that LJ has been here. One day I'll ride regularly again, but until then, I dream. ( :

3. What is your favorite color and why?
Green. I love the spring time when green starts popping up everywhere; its a symbol of new life for me. Its also a calming color for me. I love it so much that I painted my living room a bold shade of green. ( :

4. What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?
 Is it strange that I don't have a real bucket list? There are a few things I've always wanted to do - ride a horse on the beach (I can't believe I've never done this), go ziplining (there's a new place in Raleigh that I intend on visiting this year to accomplish this goal!), and visit Europe. Specifically Ireland, Scotland, England, Spain, and France. My husband won't fly in a plane, though, so I'm gonna have to get a friend or family member to go with me on that trip. Maybe when my girls are grown it'll be a fun mother/daughters trip. ( :

5. What is the craziest thing you have done/almost done?
 I'm pleading the 5th on this one. ( ;

6. What would you do with your lottery winnings?
 First, I'd build us a bigger house. We're pretty cramped here.We don't need a mansion, but it would be nice to have our families over comfortably. And you know, have space for another child one day down the road.

7. Apple or Android?
Android for sure. I had an iPhone through my old job and loved it, but its just so "mainstream," and I hate doing what everyone else does, haha. I also had an iPad that I used daily. I kinda miss the iPad, actually. But now I have a Droid phone and really love it. I don't think I'll ever go back to Apple.

8. What is one thing you most want to get better at? Sewing. I desperately want to be able to sew my girls some clothes! I'm obsessed with them wearing matching dresses but they are incredibly hard to find in their sizes (5T and 12m), unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for them, which I don't.

9. What is your favorite quote?
"We are more lost and sinful then we ever dared believe, but are more loved and accepted than we ever dared hope." Don't ask me who said it. I read it in a book in college and it has stuck with me all these years. I can't even remember the book!

10. What is the last book you read?
"The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers." It was really good! I highly recommend it for all mothers.

11. Are you right or left handed? Left! Though I can't write much at all these days. I have a cyst and a bone spur on my wrist and it makes doing a lot of things really painful. :( I need to have surgery, but I'm putting it off. Cause how on earth will I handle these two kids with one hand for a while?? I've tried, and I just can't change a diaper with one hand. But one day I'll do the surgery and get rid of this pain I've had for 15+ years!!

Now for 11 random facts about myself...

Thanks for nominating me, Jessica! I'll be on the lookout for other small blogs that I can nominate. ( :

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