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One of my favorite blogs, Delightful Order, inspired me to take on a new project at home. Her latest post is a great one on how to start organizing in your home. In the post she mentions her medicine cabinet, and it reminded me that I've been wanting and needing to organize our medicine cabinet for a while now.

Our medicine cabinet is in the kitchen (where it should be, actually), right next to the sink - easy access to water when swallowing pills! We have enough medicine to supply a small pharmacy, I'm afraid. Seriously, if you're ever ailing, come to my house!

Anyway, currently, when you open the medicine cabinet, you must be prepared to catch a few bottles or loose packets of drugs that will inevitably tumble out. And forget about trying to see what's in the back of the cabinet. Who knows what kind of drugs are back there? I'll take a picture tonight so you can be sure I am not exaggerating.

Here's the post at Delightful Order that describes her medicine cabinet. I love the idea of using simple plastic baskets to hold everything, and then adding labels. So today I went to the Dollar Tree and found a few baskets that will hopefully work in our cabinet. I bought a few different sizes just to be sure. (Yes, I took the pictures in my car!)

Tonight I plan on taking all the medication out of the cabinet, sorting it, throwing out the expired stuff and the leftover antibiotics, and organizing it in my new baskets! I am ridiculously excited about this task. I'm sure DH will be thrilled, haha. He just loves it when I do "home improvement" projects, hehe. But he'll be okay. This is for the good of our household. The next time he asks me where on earth is the ibuprofen, it'll be super easy to find. ( :

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