To Be Or Not To Be?

For 2 weeks now I've been debating whether to continue this blog or not. I've only just begun, I know, but really, who am I to give other people tips on living crunchy, or any other way for that matter? My life is far from perfect. I am far from perfect. Then I remembered that the authors of all those blogs I follow are not perfect, either.

None of us have it all together, not really.

People who blog are just sharing what works for them. They're not (well, most of them are not) trying to make you feel inferior. I'm certainly not. I am trying to lead a simpler and better life, and I'm making mistakes along the way. I think the journey is as important (or more important) than the final destination. I probably won't ever be the perfect mama or wife, or have the perfect house, but I'll do my best to be the best mama and wife I can be, and have a nice household. (And by nice I don't mean full of fancy, expensive things. I mean a functional house that is full of love.)

With Christ on my side, I can do all that, and more. As long as I remember not to shut Him out! That's hard for all of us, huh? Its so easy to get too big for your britches, as we say around here, and think you can do things by yourself. But you can't. Okay, okay, I'm not gonna do a sermon here. ( :

I won't promise to blog every day, I won't even promise to blog every week. The first week I didn't blog, I got kinda panicky and worried that I wouldn't have a successful blog if I didn't blog all the time. Well, I'm not doing this to be successful. I'm not trying to gain hordes of readers and make money (though that would be nice!). I just love the idea of sharing my little corner of the world. I enjoy the writing process. I'm not very good at it, but who cares? I won't take time away from my family to blog. I'd rather enjoy my life and the people in it. Really, if I didn't, what would I write about?

But if you are following, thanks. Hopefully I won't bore you to tears here. ( :

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering....when I took C to the doctor a few weeks ago, it turned out she had an infected mosquito bite! Who knew? After a few days of antibiotic ointment, she was fine. Though now we're extra cautious about mosquitoes. She's also sleeping much better at night, thank the Lord!! She still doesn't sleep the entire night in her crib, but she's been staying in there until 4 or 4:30, so I'll take it. ( :

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