High Five for Friday!

It really doesn't feel like Friday to me. I've only worked 3 days this week (and three days last week). But so much has been going on that I'm still exhausted! Normally, we slow way down at work this time of year, but clearly this year is an exception. We're just as busy as ever (which is good). A lot has been going on at the homefront, too. So I'm thankful I have a moment to think back over the week and reflect on my favorite things.

1. We went on a day trip to the beach. Luckily, we only live about an hour from the coast. We just decided Sunday morning to get up and go somewhere, and on the road I told DH, "let's go to Wilmington." We actually ended up in Wrightsville Beach at a restaurant on the beach, which was awesome. After lunch, we walked around the beach until we were all numb with cold, then we headed back to Wilmington. We visited the Children's Museum, which C absolutely loved, and walked around downtown for a while. It was such a great day! We're even thinking of heading back there for our annual trip in February (we go somewhere every year around our anniversary).

2. I did some major cleaning/organizing in C's room on New Year's Day. And now she loves to play in her room all the time!

3. I broke out my bread machine that DH got me for Christmas. I love that thing!! Last year, I borrowed my friend's machine and made some delicious bread, so I knew I'd love having my own machine. So far, I've made potato bread, basic white bread, and "Special Winter Bread." My favorite so far has been the plain ol' white bread. I'll have to find the recipe and do a post on it. I took a loaf to a Christmas party last weekend and everyone raved about how delicious it was. I still gotta figure out how to make smaller loaves with that thing, though. My loaves are humongous!!

4. I took C on a play date on New Year's Eve. We all had a really good time until C realized she was ready for her nap. Major breakdown!! I mean major. We ended up leaving sooner than I intended, but I learned something valuable that day. C is capable of putting herself to sleep if she absolutely must. Good to know, though I don't plan on stopping to rock her any time soon. Its much more peaceful if I (or someone) rocks her to sleep. I know she's 2 now, but I'm not in a hurry for her to grow up. ( :

5. Morning cuddles!! During the work week, I always wake up before C (she comes to our bed at some point in the early morning, but she always goes back to sleep). She's super hard to wake up in the mornings, and really hates to get up, so I let her sleep as long as possible while I get ready for work. Since I was off work for 4 days because of the holiday, I got to sleep late with C most days, which meant plenty of morning cuddle time! On those days, she'd wake up, look at me, and smile. Then tell me to go bring her breakfast in bed, haha. (Which I didn't do!)

So those are the highlights of my week. Its been a good one overall. I'm linking up with Lauren at from my grey desk blog today. Here's to a good weekend!!

Blogger is having issues right now and won't let me post any photos. So I'll have to come back later to do that! Bummer.

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