Off to a good start!

I've started the new year off right! I jumped right back in with my organization/decluttering goals. Yesterday after lunch, I sent C to my mother's house for an hour so I could go through her toys. I am extremely pleased with my progress, especially considering I only had one hour!!

Here's a look at her room before...

Wow. Right? I can't believe I let it get that bad. And I kept it that bad for quite some time. *shudder*

I sorted through all those toys (oh, these are not even the toys she got for her birthday and Christmas - those are still in the living room and will be added in later, when the new wears off). I'm not throwing out anything, since hopefully one day we'll need them again. But a lot of this stuff she just doesn't play with any more.

Here's a shot of the pile of stuff I moved out to the barn:

It doesn't look like much, but there's a lot packed into that box and that Victoria's Secret bag! (And I do plan to get some plastic bins later this week, I just wanted to get this little project done ASAP!)

Here's what her room looks like now:

Let's all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Much better, right? The best part is she absolutely LOVES it! She's never really played in her room much, but now she does. Last night she kept running into the living room, grabbing my husband's hand and saying "come on, Daddy, I show you my room!" It was so cute.

She still has way too many toys for just one kid, but oh well. At least now she can see what she has. I found things she hasn't seen in months, and she still loves them. Once we get the Christmas tree down and get the living room back in order, I'll figure out where all her new toys go. Some will, of course, stay in the living room. I don't plan to ban her from playing in there! It sure is nice to see my living room floor again, though...!

I still have work to do in there. I'm too chicken to take pictures of inside that cedar wardrobe and her closet. Those are scary places. Mostly because they hold every item of clothing she's had since she's been born. And she's had a LOT of clothes. I bought Space Bags for them, and they're really cool, but I'm not 100% in love with them. They don't get as smooth as the commercials make you think! And they're heavy and awkward to carry. I might get some more plastic bins to keep them in (in the barn). But for now, they're all shoved in the wardrobe and the closet. Baby steps, baby steps...  ( :

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