New Design (Again) + Update

Okay, I'm really in love with this design. Green is my favorite color, and I love the background image of the sunlight through the tree. Maybe this one will stick around for a while! ( :

One thing I can't figure out with blogger: how on earth do I change the description up there?? I mean the font of it. I haven't been able to find any options that let me change the font and size. If anyone has any tips, I'd sure appreciate it!!

I also added a new tab up top, one on NFP. It doesn't contain much yet, but hopefully that will change over time. (That reminds me, I need to update the Cloth Diapers tab, too....)

DH's grandma is still in ICU. Yesterday, they took the drain tubes out of her head and she had 2 seizures. DH rushed to the hospital, but I had to stay home with C. I absolutely hated not being able to go with him and support him, but it turned out okay. The doctors preformed another CT scan which showed that everything was fine, so they're not worried about the seizures. Thankfully.

I was dealing with my own battle last night. C did NOT want to stay in her crib. Our dog, Roscoe, heard some coyotes soon after I laid C down and he started barking. Of course, that woke C up and she started screaming. I tried to ignore her, but she was really pitiful after a few minutes. I was determined not to pick her up and rock her again, though. I would really love for her to be able to go to sleep on her own - right now she has to be rocked for at least an hour every night. That is exhausting, though I try to remember that she won't be like this forever and I need to savor it while she still wants to be held.

I was proud of myself - I never did actually pick her up. She was on her knees hugging me for a while (still in the crib), and then I told her she had to lay down and go to sleep. I rubbed her back for a long time, which seemed to be calming for her. Then she asked for a story. We've never done bedtime stories, but I just went with it. I told her a story of a little girl who's mama asked her to go to sleep and she did! That did the trick. After I stopped rubbing her back she picked her head up a few times to make sure I was still there. Finally, I made my way out of her room. About 20 minutes later DH and I were in bed, and C whined a few times, but she didn't actually cry so we left her alone. Thankfully, that was the end of it!

So I'm not sure if last night was a breakthrough or not, but I guess we'll see tonight. I've love to just be able to rock C for a little while (long enough for her to get her nighttime milk, which is basically the only time she asks for it these days), and then lay her down in the crib half asleep. But I'm not willing to do anything drastic to get to that point (like the Cry-It-Out Method). (And yes, I know I said I tried to ignore her last night, but I really thought that after a few minutes she'd calm down, but it went against every fiber of my being!! I think the approach I ended up taking last night is better for us.)

Anyone else have toddlers that are extremely difficult to get to sleep??


  1. I am crazy in love with this new design! It's perfect.

    I'm praying for your grandma!

    And if you find a sleep solution, let me know! I'm trying so hard to be respectful of Ace as a person and not trying and force sleep habits, but mama needs some consecutive hours of sleep or else.


  2. It is pretty here now, huh? I can't take credit for it, its just a Blogger template. I just like lookin at it though, lol!

    Thank you for the prayers. She briefly opened her eyes today, so that's some improvement. The doctors are hopeful she'll wake up soon. She's been out for 11 days now!!

    I try to do the same as far as sleep habits. Sometimes you just wanna SLEEP, though!! I don't know if its related to the "discussions" we've had lately or just a fluke, but C has slept amazingly well the past few nights! (:


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