Weekend Project: Bathroom Organization

One of my favorite blogs (don't I say that an awful lot?? haha), IHeart Organizing, is hosting monthly challenges this year to get people motivated to organize their house. Each month, she focuses on a different room or area of the house. Last month she did the kitchen, and I sort of got on board with that challenge with my Quick Kitchen Project - the hanging organizer, though I did it this month - and then that one weekend last month where DH and I organized some in the kitchen and our office. Its good to be motivated and I'm grateful that the woman behind IHeart is issuing these monthly challenges to get our juices flowing.

This month IHeart's challenge room is the bathroom and the linen closet. I did a makeover on our spare bathroom last fall, but there's nothing in there to organize since we don't really use it much. Not long after we got married, I made over our master bathroom, but I never tackled the mess under the sinks. This weekend, that changes!!
source: IHeart Organizing

Our master bathroom is a fairly decent size, I think. We have a shower, a garden tub, a pretty big closet (linen closet, I guess you'd say), the toilet of course, and a double sink with a good amount of counter space between the sinks. There are no drawers, but lots of cabinet area under the sinks. Right now, everything is just kind of thrown into that space. I'll take "before" pictures this weekend so you can see the mess, but beware! The space has the potential to be very functional, so that's my goal this weekend.

My plan is to take everything out of the cabinets, organize it, purge what we don't use, and put everything back in a way that makes sense and hopefully looks prettier than it does now. I'm kinda scared to tackle this project, because to be honest I don't even know exactly what is hiding in those cabinets! I figure C can help me take everything out - she's great at that already, haha.

Today I went to the Family Dollar and bought some supplies to help me get organized. For $13, I think I got some good stuff:

Those stacking drawers were the most expensive, at $5.50 each. But I think they'll really come in handy in my deep cabinets. If not, I'll return them! I got two of the big white baskets and two of the small red ones. Red doesn't go with anything in that bathroom, but I figure it'll be under the cabinet so who cares?

I can't wait to get started on my new project! I'll be back either tomorrow or some time this weekend with hopefully the finished project! ( :

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