Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013 - Done!

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013 was a success. I'm not sure if we broke the Guinness record from last year yet, but I bet we did. Hopefully they'll release the final count soon. I'll be sure to do an update once they do.

We had a great time Saturday! Our location had about 35 or so babies in the change, which I thought was pretty impressive for our area. I had no idea cloth diapering was so popular here. It was neat to see so many fluffy butts in one room. ( :

I still haven't had time to go through everything in the swag bags we were given. There are a ton of coupons in there. When I opened the box (we got a box and a bag), I asked C what was in there and she said "mail!" Then I told her to look in the bag and see what was in there, and she said "more mail!" Silly youngin. Everyone got an adorable diaper cover by Bumkins. Its green and has a green eggs and ham theme. I haven't taken a picture of it yet, because I plan to do a full review on it once I've had a chance to try it out. I've never used that brand of diapers before, so I'm curious. It looks to be a really nice cover, though. Tons of snaps, so there is lots of room for adjustments. Last night I set all the snaps to make the diaper as small as possible - I can easily see how it would fit a newborn.

We also got a nice bib in our swag bag. I think I got a boy bib, but oh well. Its blue and has red rockets on it. Still, free bib! There were lots of free samples of cloth-friendly laundry detergent, diaper creme, and baby soaps and lotions. Hopefully sometime in the next few days I'll get a chance to go through it all and see exactly what I have.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot the little wet bag! I don't think I've talked about wet bags here before, so I definitely need to do a post on that soon. Wet bags are essential if you're gonna cloth diaper. They're lined with PUL (just like the diapers are), so you can put soiled diapers in the bag and (if its a good bag) nothing will leak out. A good wet bag will also keep the smells in. We were all given a tiny wet bag Saturday. Its perfect for holding just one diaper, which is great if you're running errands and know you won't be gone long. I sent it with C today in case she has an accident in her big-girl panties. I think it'll be great to send to her grandma's since its so little and takes up so little space in the diaper bag.

In the raffle I won a $15 off coupon to a store that sells nursing tanks. I don't have a need for it right now, but I'll probably order one in case I have another baby. And if I don't have another, I'll just give it as a gift to someone else. ( :

As for the actual diaper change, it was very quick and kind of anti-climatic. But honestly, you're just changing a diaper, not very exciting! We all sat on the floor with our babies. There was a professional photographer there taking pictures. First, we all had to hold up the diapers we intended to use...

This was my view from the back. Well, part of my view. I found it was hard to take pictures of everything with a squirmy toddler while doing what the photographer said.

At exactly 11am, we all changed our babies' diapers. (Well, I took off C's panties and put on a diaper! I think she was the only kid there who didn't arrive in a diaper.) Then, we were told to hold up our babies for the picture. Not so easy to do with a 30 pound toddler!

I wasn't the only one struggling, haha. I loved seeing all the adorable prints everyone had! I don't think anyone had the same diaper. I put C's cow print diaper on.

And that was it! After the change, the kids ran around and played while we had the raffle drawings. I wished I had bought some more raffle tickets because they gave away some really great prizes.

C totally surprised me. I just knew she would throw a fit when she realized I was putting a diaper on her. But she didn't. She saw all the other babies in their diapers, and I guess she wanted to be like them. She laid right down on the blanket and let me put the diaper on with no complaints. Then she wouldn't let me take it off until it was time for us to leave!

I thought this was cute. C with her "boyfriend" haha.
So that was it. The event was fun, and I'm glad we participated. I'm kinda sad that we won't be able to next year. Our event was pretty small compared to some of the ones I'm hearing about on facebook. The one in Raleigh had over 300 participants! I bet that was amazing. They made a full day of it. Maybe one year I'll go there and be a part of it. Who knows. ( :

The rest of our weekend was pretty great, too. The weather wasn't that wonderful (cool and very windy), so we weren't outside much, but we still had fun. Late yesterday evening, C told my husband that it was a pretty day and she wanted to ride Sunshine. I was inside cleaning up a little, but when DH told me that, of course I dropped what I was doing and went outside! C likes to ride, but not very often, so I'm all for it when she decides she's ready. We just ride Sunshine together bareback around the yard. I love sharing my horse with my daughter. I really hope she'll grow up to love riding as much as I do. I hope everyone else had a good weekend, too!


  1. Oh man this sounds AWESOME. I'm totally going next year!

  2. You should! It was neat to be a part of something so huge. Just think, people all over the world were changing cloth diapers at the same time I did! (:


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