I have intentionally not blogged most of this month. If you've been reading my blog since I started it last summer, then you know I go back and forth on my feelings of blogging - mainly who am I to think my life is interesting enough to blog about? and I definitely don't have everything together, why should I be blogging like I do?? And so forth. So when I started this thing I anticipated that occasionally I'd get upset with it and take a break. I felt like I was being a little too negative in my last few posts. But when I went back and read some older posts, I go the impression that my life is absolutely perfect, and that is certainly not the case! I guess I have a hard time finding a happy medium.

These past few weeks of no blogging have allowed me to think about if I really want to continue or not. And the answer is yes. Although I have decided to shift my way of thinking about this blog. At first, I was trying to be like bloggers that I admire and only post about upbeat, happy things, and my successes in the kitchen and around the house (though I have included some kitchen failures!). I realized, though, that that way of blogging is way too stressful for me. Maybe if this was my full-time job it would be different. I placed a lot of pressure on myself to blog regularly and make sure the content was interesting and positive and wouldn't step on anyone's toes (though my posts on NFP might do just that, haha). I still can't figure out why I placed all that pressure on myself. Its not like I have a ton of readers/followers. It was all me! And I realized that I wasn't enjoying my blog as much as I did.

So I'm getting back to the basics, so to speak. This blog is for me and my enjoyment. I want it to document my life - the good and the bad - so I can look back years from now and remember things, little details that are so precious to life. So I am going to stop thinking so much about what everyone else wants to read and focus on what I want to record. I understand that may mean I'll never have a huge following - that's okay. I actually considered making this blog totally private, so it would become an online journal for me. But I decided against doing that at this time. I enjoy the few comments I get too much. ( :

If you're still sticking around after my proclamation of being utterly selfish on my blog (lol), thanks! Maybe you will find a little enjoyment through reading things that are important to me. And if you've decided to never darken the doorway to this blog (so to speak) again, sorry. The older I get the more I learn that I simply cannot please everyone. And while I don't think I have a right to be happier than anyone else, I have learned that I have to make sure I'm happy, too. Does that even make sense? I turned 30 recently and while I don't feel any different at all, I have been tending to be more philosophical lately, and I've really been reflecting on what's important to me, and adjusting my life accordingly. Stay tuned (if you want! haha). ( :

me on my 30th birthday ( :


  1. I love you lady and will read you whenever. I support blogging for yourself (obviously if you see the direction my blog has gone!) you can't try and please an audience, love.

    Also, you're adorable!

  2. Thanks, ya'll. (:
    And Megan, I love reading everything you write!


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