Love {Not} Lost

In Monday's post I talked about how I lost my engagement ring. I'm still kicking myself over that one. So far, no one has responded to my newspaper ad. And no one has tried to sell my ring at any of the local pawn shops. I haven't exactly given up hope yet, but I'm pretty close.

Last summer I took some pictures of our rings - its the only clear picture I have of my engagement ring!

Not long after I published Monday's post, I received a call from the newspaper. Someone had called to place an ad for a found ring!! The woman at the newspaper was so excited. She said the description of the ring matched mine. For some reason, she didn't get the caller's name or phone number. That person was supposed to call me. I was so excited I didn't even care. I waited for almost an hour for that person to call me.

Finally, the call came. The woman didn't tell me her name, just that she had found a ring at the festival where I had lost mine. She asked me to describe my ring. Then she told me that the ring she found had only 1 diamond in it. I asked her several questions to make sure she was correct. She also said this ring had someone's initials in it. Mine wasn't engraved. I was so disappointed that I never thought to ask her name or anything else. Her phone number came up as Blocked on my cell phone.

I did think to ask the woman if she described the ring to the people at the newspaper, and she said no. I told her the newspaper told me she had, but she denied it. I asked her to please call and place the ad because I know how the owner of that ring feels!

Then I called the newspaper back to give them an update. The woman there couldn't believe it. She said the caller had the found ring appraised to make sure it was real, and was told it was a past, present, and future ring - 3 diamonds. I told her to please let me know if the mystery woman called back to place an ad, but at that point we all figured she didn't have any intentions of giving that ring back to anyone.

So for about an hour I was ecstatic, jumping up and down at work thinking someone had found my ring and I was getting it back. And then when I realized that wasn't happening, it was like I lost the ring all over again. Such a let down. I keep reminding myself that its just a ring, in the big scheme of things it won't matter. But its hard. I didn't realize how much the ring meant to me until it was gone. :*(

On the bright side, I have really been feeling the love from DH these past few days. Clearly, we don't need a ring for that. I miss seeing my beautiful sparkly ring on my finger, but our love has not been lost like the ring was. And for that I am grateful. ( :


  1. OH man, that is really fishy! I'm sorry :(

  2. No we didn't. :( But the story has a happy ending! I'll post about it in a bit cause if you're like me you don't go back and check comments on blogs you read. (:


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