Challenge Day 3

Day 3 of the Green Smoothie Challege - day 4 of green smoothies for me. Wow!

I really think this is something that I will stick with. Will I consume a green smoothie every single day after this challenge is over? I can't say that for certain. But after just 4 days of green smoothies, I can honestly say that I'm enjoying this learning process and I can't deny the benefits I'm already seeing.

I said yesterday that I felt like I've had more energy this week. I don't think that's all in my head. Its hard to explain, but even though I know I should be tired, I'm really not (not until late at night, anyway), and I feel like I can accomplish more during the day (if only there were a few more hours to it, haha!). So far this week, I have yet to hit my typical 3 or 4pm "slump" at work - when I normally feel like I desperately need a nap, and when I end up eating a few pieces of chocolate (or a bag of chips...) to attempt to wake myself up. Hey, if these green smoothies give me more energy, AND keep me from snacking on crap in the afternoon, that's a WIN in my book!

This morning I decided to do things a little differently. Every day this week, I've either had a smoothie by it self for breakfast, or a smoothie and a piece of peanut butter toast. But in a couple of hours, I've been starving again. Plus, I've been having a hard time drinking a full serving of the smoothies. For some reason, I struggle to drink a lot in the mornings, (Not to mention that it takes longer to consume a smoothie than it does some toast, so I have been rushing.) Well, today, I decided to eat my usual two pieces of peanut butter toast and bring the smoothie with me to work.

That also gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my new cup!
I just had the same smoothie from yesterday. I was right; it kept very well. It tasted just as good today as it did yesterday morning. And sipping it from a straw was much better for me. I sipped on this baby all the way to work, and then for a while at work until it was gone. And you know what? I was wrong about this cup - I thought it wasn't insulated, but it is! My smoothie stayed cold for a long time (I pulled it out of the fridge at home around 8:15 and finished drinking it around 10:30 - and it was still cold!), AND the cup didn't get all wet from condensation. So happy with this $3 purchase. ( :

Tonight I'll decide what smoothie recipe I want to try tomorrow. Its Day 3 of the challenge and I've only tried 2 recipes. That means I've got 3 more to try! One of them involves oranges, and I'm a little nervous about that one, since oranges and orange juice tends to make my reflux flare up. But I said at the start of this that I would at least TRY all the recipes, so I gotta do it!

Today we received the e-mail with the recipes for Week 2 of the challenge. I'm a little less enthusiastic about those recipes. Mainly because one recipe is for popsicles and one is for a soup. And there are lots of mangos involved in next week. And a can of canned pumpkin! That one actually sounds pretty good to me (spinach, almond milk, pumpkin, babana, mango, pumpkin spice, and vanilla extract - not sure how the mango fits in there...). Next week's recipes are supposed to be more filling, which means they can be used as meal replacements. So that might leave me with some good lunch options. We'll see!

Stay tuned for more of the Simple Green Smoothies 30 Day Challenge!

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