Another bathroom update

Almost done! I worked really hard over Thanksgiving break. I am quite proud of myself, because I really didn't think I'd get anything done in there!

One night early last week (Monday or Tuesday night), I stayed up super late finishing the wall prep. I think I said before that DH did most of the mudding that had to be done, but he missed one wallpaper seam, and then I decided to take out the 4 anchors in that same wall, so they had to be patched up, too. (The anchors were holding the metal shelf, and it will be going back up, but not in that spot.) Anyway, I got that done and then the bathroom took a little break (haha).

Because Wednesday night I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2! I am a total Twi-hard and I am not ashamed to admit that. It. was. awesome!! I can't wait for the DVD to come out so I can watch it again and again.... But back to the bathroom! ( :

So we had a really great Thanksgiving day. It wasn't nearly as hectic as I anticipated and we actually enjoyed the day. Late that afternoon, C went down for a loooong nap (like 3 hours!), and DH went outside, so I got to work again. I sanded down everything and spread out drop cloths. Then I got out the Kilz.

Word of advice: if you ever have to use Kilz in your house, do NOT buy the oil based one!! In other rooms, we used Kilz, but we got the water based. No idea how I managed to buy the oil based one this time, but I learned my lesson.

I noticed the smell immediately, but figured I'd get used to it. Well, I did, sort of. I painted for about an hour before I decided to step out and take a break. And WOAH. I was completely high. Everything was spinning, my eyes wouldn't focus, my head felt light....not good. I thought maybe a break would make me feel better, so I stayed outside for about 15 minutes. I was determined to finish that coat, though, so I went back and resumed painting. Then my head started hurting...I managed to finish all the walls with the roller, but of course there were spots I couldn't reach and had to use a paint brush. But I knew there was no way I could do any more that day.

It took me several hours to recover from the fumes. We all went to DH's mama's house for supper that night, and when we got back home the fumes were still terrible. I was worried about something catching on fire since we have gas logs, so I made C sleep in our room in a travel crib (which she thought was great - when I was setting it up she kept saying "thank you, Mama! I love it!" lol). Luckily, our room is at the other end of the house, so the fumes weren't too bad in there.

Friday, the fumes were still noticeable, but not headache-inducing anymore. When C went down for her nap that afternoon, I finished up the coat of Kilz with a paint brush. So, after all that torture, this is where I was:

Friday night I was really motivated. I got back in there after C went to bed and painted the walls GREEN! I think I was up until 1 or 1:30am, but it was worth it. I completely finished that part, but I don't want to post any more pictures until the bathroom is totally done. ( :

Saturday, I painted a lot of the trim, but then my friend in England called me on Skype, so I quit to talk to her. (Have I mentioned I love my new iPad?? Skype all around the house AND see my girl across the world? Yes please!!)

Yesterday (Sunday), I tackled the trim again while C took a nap. And I finished!! DH took all the hardware out to the shop to be spray painted. He got a coat of primer on everything, so now he just has to paint on the white. Hopefully that will happen tonight, and tomorrow night we can get everything hung up and put back together. I still haven't made up my mind how this place will be decorated, but I'm waiting until the shower curtain, shelf/mirror, and towel bar are up first before I make any decisions. I'm so excited and I can't wait to share the end result!

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