Project bathroom makeover is complete!! Well, its not completely decorated, but that will take me a loooong time, judging from previous projects. I don't like to rush decor. ( :  Its finished enough that I'm showing it to people now. I have to say, I am very proud of this room. Sometimes I just stand in the door way with a smile on my face and just stare at it. Yes, I am aware that is weird. It just looks so much better!

Before I continue, let's take a moment to remember what it looked like not too long ago...


I do not miss that ugliness at all!!

After several days of hard work, sweat, and getting accidentally high from paint fumes, I finally finished. When I first started painting the walls, I thought oh no, this color is hideous! I hate it! Luckily, after I finished one whole wall, I was in love. *whew* Once all the walls were painted, I loved it even more. Now that everything is back in place and the curtains are up, I can't even express how much I am in love!

Ahhhh. I moved the shelf to the other wall, since I couldn't reach it over the toilet. DH thinks its in the way here, but this is not *his* bathroom, so I'm not too concerned. It will be C's once she starts using a bathroom on her own (taking baths and stuff alone). Its also the guest bathroom, since its right off the living room. I doubt that mirror will stay there (it was originally behind the shelf), but we had it and DH painted it and I wanted something up there in that space, so for now its okay.

Next, I'll have to get a soap dish, toothbrush holder, and that kind of stuff. My intentions are to get clear glass containers to place on the shelf for holding cotton balls, q-tips, etc. I think that'll look pretty.

I'm not sure what kind of picture or art I want to do on the wall over the toilet. There's also a space beside the door, but its narrow. I'm searching for ideas!

I hate that you have to turn your head to see this one. Stupid blogger.

And see? Now the shower curtain looks like it belongs in here. It doesn't "match," but it "goes." Meaning, there are no stripes in there that are the color of the walls, but it blends well. Just like I envisioned 3 years ago when I hung it up! I love it. Its bright and cheery now. Almost makes me want to start using this bathroom instead of our master bath! ( :

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