On Friday, I said I was gonna try a smoothie recipe. Lately, all I hear about are smoothies and how awesome they are (awesome is my word for the day, in case you hadn't noticed!). Green smoothies seem to be particularly popular, and I have intentions of trying one soon. Baby steps, though!

I was skeptical that a smoothie could fill me up and last until the next meal. I'm pretty big on textures, and I've never been one for thick drinks. But with all the hype, I just had to see for myself. I was pleasantly surprised.

I found a recipe for a very simple smoothie. I knew if I started with something complicated I'd never want to try it again - I'm lazy like that in the kitchen. I don't even remember where I found this one, so I can't give credit.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

1 banana
1/3 cup peanut butter
1 1/2 cup milk

That's it. You just put all 3 ingredients into the blender and blend for a minute or 2, until its - wait for it! - smooth. I ended up adding more peanut butter cause it was pretty runny at first - though its probably supposed to be like that.

No picture, cause honestly, it looked disgusting. Smelled amazing, though. And the taste was wonderful. I absolutely love peanut butter and bananas, so really, I couldn't go wrong with this recipe.

And you know what? The smoothie (I drank half of it for breakfast, and saved the other half for the next day) kept me full for HOURS. Normally, I gotta have a snack around 10-10:30, just to tide me over til lunch. But this weekend, I needed need a snack, and didn't get hungry for lunch until much later than normal. Score!

Now I wanna try different recipes. But nothing too crazy. To be honest, all the protein in this one is probably what kept me full for so long. I'll be sure to write about any other good recipes I find.

The only problem I had was the milk. Since I found out last year I have a milk allergy, I've avoided drinking milk. I still cook with it, and unless the recipe calls for a large amount, I do fine. This was the first time I'd drank milk in a good while, and I did react to it. My throat felt like it was closing. Not good! It wasn't anything major, but not something I want to experience every morning. So I drank the other half of my smoothie yesterday for breakfast (and never got hungry during church like I normally do!), and haven't made any more until I can get some Silk or almond milk. Hopefully the taste won't change too much by changing the liquid like that. Stay tuned!

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