Last Weekend

Its been yet another busy week here! I wanted to blog a little about last weekend first, though. Just so I don't forget anything. ( :

Friday night, DH and my daddy went to the coast to flounder (that is, fish for flounder). Last summer, they worked on Daddy's floundering boat but DH hasn't been able to go out on the boat since then. He finally got the opportunity, and I made sure he went! They had a great time. We should be cooking flounder soon. ( : While they were gone, me and C went out to eat with Mama. That was fun. The restaurant was playing some weird techno music and C kept asking "Mama, what is that silly music?!"

Saturday, me and C got up early and headed to my cousin's house. DH and I actually share a cousin. This guy is my aunt's son, and he's my husband's 3rd cousin or so. Its kinda weird, but around here, everyone is related, it seems! Anyway, his wife and I have become friends, especially since she had their baby back in May. So on Saturday the four of us plus her friend headed to Raleigh for the Big Latch On event at Sweet Bottoms Baby boutique. We were so excited! This event is basically just like the Great Cloth Diaper Change, but with boobs instead of cloth diapers (haha). I was beyond excited to go to Sweet Bottoms. I'd never been before, and I had heard great things about the store. I wasn't disappointed! Of course after the latch on, we shopped for quite some time. I was good and resisted the urge to buy a cute diaper (I tried to tell myself but what if we have another baby? I might NEED this!! lol. That's stupid.) I did end up buying C a hat for the beach (on clearance and tax-free, woohoo!), and some nursing pads for a friend of mine.

The Latch On went well. There were around 50 nurslings there, which was awesome. C was the second oldest kid. And of course when it was time to latch the babies on, C got shy and said she wasn't ready. I've never tried to force her to breastfeed, so I just said okay that's fine. But after a few minutes she changed her mind, so we were able to be counted (we were trying to break the world record for the most mothers breastfeeding at once - oh, and we totally did!). After that, I tried to get her to pee in the potty there but it was loud and she was scared. So what did she do? She walked over to the cloth diapers, spread her legs, and peed on the floor! Argh. Luckily, the employees were cool about it. I cleaned it up and we were fine the rest of the day.

After that, we headed to the mall. We had lunch in the food court, then walked around the mall. We ended up at Victoria's Secret. I had planned to just browse, not needing anything in particular, but a saleswoman asked if I would like a bra fitting. Well, I've been meaning to get one for a while now, so I said sure. Turns out, I've been wearing the wrong size bra. I had the cup size wrong but I was one size too large on the number. I've never had a really nice bra before, and man, what a difference! I ended up buying 2 of them. Now that I know my true size, I'm gonna try to get some cheaper-but-still-good-quality bras elsewhere. Of course, my size is odd so its gonna be next to impossible to find them at department stores.

We made it home around 3pm Saturday, and another cousin was having a birthday party from 4-6 that day. C slept a little on the way home, but she was exhausted, so I let her go back to sleep once we got home. A little before 5 I woke her up so we could go to the party. Then at 6 we left there, came home, rushed through feeding the horses, then left again for the local pool. Our church was having a back-to-school party there and everyone was invited. That was fun! C absolutely loved the pool. They have a shallow area for the little kids, and she loved being able to swim or stand up. I put her arm floats on and she just had a ball. We even swam in the deeper area with no problems. She slept well that night. ( :

Sunday after church, we had another birthday party to attend (for yet another cousin). That was fun, too. We stayed there a few hours, but when we got home C didn't want to take a nap. So that's when we rode Sunshine. I haven't been able to ride her since then, but my plan is to get on her tonight (if it doesn't storm like they're calling for).

It was a very busy weekend, but everything we did was fun. I'm glad not every weekend is quite that eventful, though!

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