Shadow Box for Baby

Last weekend I finally completed a project I've been meaning to do for a while. I don't get on Pinterest very often any more - who has the time?? especially when I'm so obsessed with following blogs....haha! - but last year I browsed Pinterest daily. I got a lot of good ideas, most of which I never attempted. Let's face it: I have enough on my plate with working full time, taking care of my daughter before and after work, cooking supper every night (except when DH cooks, which is often), keeping the laundry washed and the house cleaned. When I have a spare moment, I like to relax. If C is awake, I'll play with her. If she's asleep, I usually read a book. I'm normally so exhausted that reading is the only hobby I can keep up, haha.

But I pinned a shadow box idea last year that I knew I really wanted to do for C. I even went immediately to Michael's and purchased a shadow box and a few other supplies.

And then the supplies sat in our office for months.

Last Saturday I decided to finally do this project. C went down for her nap and I was caught up on my cleaning (for that day, at least). I felt creative. I used to draw and paint all the time. Haven't done that in years. (Maybe when I'm done raising kids and I'm retired I'll pick that hobby back up, haha.)

Anyway, I dug up all my old paints and brushes and went to work. I wanted this thing to be a memory box of C as a newborn. I knew I wanted to include the dress she wore home from the hospital. I purchased a wooden "C" from Michael's and these small wooden hearts:

Then I painted them white:

Big difference, huh? haha. It was more obvious in person. And I kinda wish I had gone with something more dramatic than white, but oh well.

Next, I painted C's birth stats on the hearts. Well, one heart has her initials on it. These would have turned out neater if I had used a paint pen or even a Sharpie, but I wanted to paint them, and I like the "homemade" look I achieved.

I used all the colors in her room. Yes, her room is colorful! ( :

I also really wanted to do a fancy "font" on the hearts, but quickly found that painting on such a small space is super hard, even with the tiny brush I have.

Next, it was time to put everything together in the box!

I just used tape to stick everything in there (I know tape won't mess up her dress, not that I intend it to ever be worn again), but I noticed later that all the hearts fell down. So I have to come up with a better solution that also won't damage the dress.

I was tickled pink with the box at first. But now the more I see it the more I think its missing something. Maybe the "C" needs to be painted or texturized? And I feel like I need a picture of her or something in there. Time will tell what I decide to do. For now, I'm just proud that I actually did the project! And at least now her dress won't be just sitting around, waiting for something to ruin it.

Here's a shot of where I placed the box in C's room. I eventually want to hang it on the wall, but since I knew I'd make some changes, I decided not to hang it quite yet.

Yes, I know, I am quite the interior decorator. This space is constantly changing, though. It used to hold several stuffed fish (her room is done in a fishy theme), so at least I'm making progress! The picture frame was a gift from her baby shower; my mother and aunt decorated it with the fish stickers. And the two jewelry boxes were gifts to C from family members. They don't match the room, but they're special. I bought that lamp at Target several years ago, and covered the lampshade in that fabric. (Its the same fabric my aunt made curtains and C's crib skirt out of.)

So there ya have it. C's shadow box. Stay tuned to any improvements I make on it! ( :


  1. This is SO CUTE. Do you want to come to my house and do it for me?

  2. Haha, thanks! That's probably not a good idea, though, since it took me forever and a day to get mine done! lol :P


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