Wednesday Night Musings

So it's quarter after 11 on a Wednesday night. My child has finally fallen asleep. Yes, at this late hour. She has a wierd sleep schedule lately, but since she's had a bad cold I've been lettin her slide. Unfortunately, she's passed her cold on to me. I've had a sore throat since Monday, and today I've been hacking up a lung all day. Fun times.

C is on the mend with her cold, thankfully. She doesn't sleep well and she doesn't eat much, and she coughs like crazy and her poor nose drips all day, but it hasn't slowed her down any. I wish I felt that good when I'm sick!!

While I'm sittin here rockin her (til I know she's out enough for me to put her down - please tell me I'm not the only mama who has to do that!!), I thought I'd do a general update in our lives this week.

Besides the sickness that's plaguing our house, C has also had to deal with weaning suddenly from her paci. Now we all hate the dreadful pacifier, so none of us were sad to see it go, but I wasn't plannin on doin it quite yet. DH and his family have been pressuring me lately to take the paci away from C, but I didn't want to overwhelm her. She's doing so well with potty training. She seldom has accidents anymore. (She is still in diapers at night.) One thing at a time, I told them.

Well, Monday night sometime after supper, the paci disappeared. It was there and then it wasn't. When C got ready for bed DH and I tore the house apart lookin for that stupid thing. I had another identical paci but C refused it. Eventually we gave up and I told her we just couldn't find it. She teared up a little but nothing like I expected. My girl has been obsessed with her paci. I set rules/limits for it, but she's a master at gettin it when she wants it!

Until Monday night, apparently.

But she made it through that night with no real tears. She asked for it a few times but was always satisfied with my answer. Same thing all day Tuesday, last night, and today. She didn't even ask for it tonight. So I guess we're done with the paci for good! If we happen to find it now its goin in the trash!! haha

I never wanted her to have that dang thing in the first place, and she wouldn't take one for a long time. People pressured me into it, and I stupidly gave in and kept tryin to get her to accept it. I think she was 7-8 weeks when she decided the paci was good. If we ever have a baby I don't intend to give him/her a paci, unless he/she becomes a thumb sucker. That is so much harder to break than a paci.

5 years ago -heck, even 3 years ago - I never would have guessed I would be so wrapped up in a story about a paci. I also never thought I'd have so many conversations about poop and pee!! Funny how motherhood changes you. ( :

Out family had another major thing happen this week, which I can't talk about yet. But the result was very humbling to me. God literally spoke to me and it was awesome. He taught me a tough lesson, but I am so thankful that He is takin the time to work on me. He has healed some old wounds in me this week, and given me a new perspective on a few things. I was very resistant, but I finally gave in and let Him change my heart. What a feeling!! It's amazing what our God can do if you just let Him in. ( :

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