Snow Day

I know for most people in the US, snow is not a big deal. But here in my part of NC, snow is a huge deal! Its a rare event around here. We all go a little crazy when it snows here. ( :  Schools dismiss early or close altogether, church gets canceled, and the grocery stores sell out of milk and bread. That's just how we roll. People from up north make fun of us for getting excited over a dusting or even just some flurries. But to us in NC (eastern NC, at least), snow is magical. Snow makes me feel giddy inside, and it brings out my inner child.

Last Friday was very pleasant. I think temps were in the high 50s or low 60s. Typical February in NC temps. They were calling for snow Saturday, but no one really believed it. Lo and behold, we woke up Saturday morning to a chill in the air and lots of clouds on the way. It started snowing in my neck of the woods around 2:30pm (after it rained for a while). Those were some big flakes, too!

Of course, I immediately bundled C up and took her outside to witness her first snowfall. It wasn't sticking yet, but she thought it was really cool. We only stayed outside about 5 minutes, though. It was a very WET snow and I didn't want my baby gettin cold and wet (she's had a cold since Valentine's Day).

For a few hours, it steadily snowed and I watched it from the windows. It didn't really stick to anything, but it sure was beautiful to look at. Around 5:30pm, it stopped snowing and started misting rain again. So I lost all hope for a blanket of white. Well, sometime after midnight, it started snowing again! I was up organizing my closet (I know, I'm insane - who does that after midnight on a Saturday?!) so I kept looking out the back door. This time, the snow was sticking! I was so excited, I could barely sleep that night.

DH woke me up Sunday morning and told me everything was covered in snow. Yes!! I was so excited for C to get to play in the snow for the first time. Church was canceled because there was also a ton of ice around. So we had a very relaxing and quiet morning at home.

I got some nice photos when I went out to feed the horses yesterday morning:


And later, we bundled C up and took her out there to play. She loved it for about 10 minutes, and then she got some snow in her face. That was it for her! After that she said she was ready to go in. It was extremely windy, though, and since she was still very stuffy, I'm sure it wasn't very pleasant for her. I'm glad she got a real snow experience, though. ( :

So that's the great blizzard of 2013 for us here in eastern NC (haha). We probably won't see anymore snow for a long time. (The last time was in 2010. It snowed the day after Christmas, when C was just 5 days old. I didn't even go outside because I was still very sore from birth. Before that, we had some snow in 2009, I believe. That was mostly ice, but it was super fun. We tied trash can lids to the 4-wheeler and took turns getting slung around the cow pasture! Life of country people, haha.)


  1. Holy moly! You live in the most beautiful place. Can I move in? ;)

  2. Thanks. We LOVE our place! We live on 30 acres out in the country and its almost perfect. (:


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