VBS Day 2

Last night at Vacation Bible School went much more smoothly than the first night did! And nothing major happened to DH while C and I were gone, either, so that was a plus!

I felt much more relaxed after work yesterday, since I knew I didn't have to fix supper before leaving. C and I got to church a little bit early, so I was able to get her started eating before too many other kids arrived. Which was nice since they served spaghetti! I even managed to eat a small bowl.

During craft time, the kids were supposed to make fish picture frames that will have magnets added to the back for use on the fridge. The fish were foam and the kids were supposed to glue all the stripes and eyes on the fish. Of course, they had a pattern for us to follow. All the other helpers/mothers in our class helped their kids put the stripes in the right places, but I decided to let C be creative and do it her way. Her fish doesn't look like anyone else's, that's for sure! I forgot to take a pic. But they had someone going around taking pictures of all the kinds, and hopefully they will print out the pictures and put them into their frames by Friday. That'll be a nice keepsake.

Classroom time was a little better last night. Our class' teacher tried her best to tell the kids the story of Jesus washing the disciples' feet, but I don't think any of the toddlers were listening. One funny thing: the teacher asked all the tots to say "Peter" and of course some of them couldn't do it. I asked C if she could say it and her response was, "sure I can!" I said "well, let's hear it!" And then she started saying "Peter-Peter-Peter-Peter-Peter...!" It was hilarious. (I guess you had to be there, haha.)

So we let all the toddlers play for the remainder of our class. Even though I'm pretty sure C is not learning Bible stories like I had hoped, she is getting valuable time with children close to her age. She's learning how to share and cooperate, and help clean up even when she didn't make all the mess. Its good for her!
Music time was a hit again. C loosened up a little more and danced some. Still not like she does at home, but I bet by Friday she'll get there!
Not entirely sure what C was doing when I got that picture...haha. Everyone else was dancing, and she just got down on the step like that and looked at me. I was cracking up. As long as she's not being destructive or causing any harm to anyone else, I try to let her just be herself. If she wants to lay on the church steps instead of standing up and dancing, so be it. Creative freedom, I guess. ( :

Speaking of that, C is more and more starting to voice an opinion on things like her clothes and hair. She never used to care about stuff like that, but lately, she will protest if she doesn't want her hair in a ponytail, or tell me she wants it in "2 ponytails" (pigtails). And Lord help me if I pick out the wrong shirt for her in the morning! Just today I picked out a perfectly nice yellow shirt with fish on it. "I don't want to wear that shirt!!" she screamed at me. She wanted to wear the same pink shirt she wore to VBS last night. Whatever. It wasn't dirty, so I just let her. She's also been very vocal about which shoes she wears with which outfits. I had no idea this type of thing started so early! (And actually, she's been picking out her shoes for several months now, I just hadn't thought about it much.)

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