Again With The Curtains

Still trying to make up my mind on the curtains for the living room. I'm still in love with the blue ones I posted about earlier this week. Actually, I'm still in love with the multi-colored floral ones, too, but they're definitely out of the running (sadly).

Monday night, I showed DH the pictures of the 4 curtains I had selected from Lowe's. He immediately nixed the multi-colored floral pattern. Its pretty girlie, so I didn't argue with him. Its his house, too, and while I have the main "pull" when it comes to decorating, I don't like to do things that he absolutely hates. (Although I do put my foot down on some things, like colored walls. When we were fixing up our house before we got married and moved in, DH wanted every room to be painted white. Boooooriiiing!! I knew I'd hate plain white walls everywhere. So I put my foot down and said we were having colored walls - and a different color in every room! After we were done painting, DH admitted it looked good. Boo-ya.) Anyway, he wasn't in love with the brown and green floral curtains, either. But the blue ones, he seemed to actually like!

Of course, he immediately said I don't need to be spending money on things like that right now. He's right, which is why I haven't ran back to Lowe's to purchase those babies yet. Then he said "and what else will you have to buy after you get new curtains? Pillows for the couch??" Umm....well, I can't exactly have the same red and green striped ones if I get blue curtains, now can I? ( ; He just rolled his eyes. Which means if I come up with the money for this little upgrade, I'm good to go.

I have dreamt of curtains every night this week. I'm such a nerd! But I'm still basking in the fact that this is the biggest decision I have to make right now. Something so trivial and meaningless. Its wonderful. ( :

BUT, I am now havin a hangup over these darn blue curtains. My mother pointed out that they don't "match" my rug. Grr. Do curtains have to match the rug??! The colors "go" just fine, but now I'm concerned that there will be too many prints goin on so close together... Help me decide!
The middle picture there is what my floors in the living room look like. And there's my rug. A new rug is completely off the table. The curtains won't be touching the rug; there is maybe a foot or so of exposed floor between the rug and the curtains. Does it matter, though? I can't decide!

These blue curtains have opened up a whole new world of decorating in my living room. I'm kicking myself for not considering blues before now. So I may keep looking for a subtler pattern in the same rich blue color. Or I may go to the cloth store and see if a blue fabric sings to me, and have someone make curtains for me. (Or find an easy DIY tutorial online...hmmmmm!) That would probably be the cheapest route, huh?

Regardless of what I decide for the curtains, blue is gonna play a part in this room eventually. Lately, I've been obsessed with peacock colors. I don't have anything in my house in those colors, but I find myself admiring decor in them. So my plan is to make a wreath for the front door with peacock feathers and flowers in that color family! I can see it in my head, and if money wasn't an object, I'd have already started on that little project. ( ;

So, yay or nay on these particular blue curtains??

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