Green Smoothie

So, yesterday morning I made my first green smoothie. I follow a ton of blogs, and I keep reading about how awesome green smoothies are. Since I recently tried my hand at making smoothies, and it was such a success (!), I decided to go ahead and try a green one. DH bought some spinach for me the other day, so I had to do it!

I can't decide my reaction to it. It tasted good. But I couldn't get over the color (mine turned brown, as you'll see in a minute). And I think maybe I put in too much spinach. Or too many flavors? Something was off, though not enough that I thought it tasted bad. I also didn't like the strawberry seeds in there, so I won't be adding strawberries anymore (which is also what ruined the cool color). Maybe I was just thinking about it too much, but I felt kinda sickly all day yesterday. I think it was the strawberries though. I'm gonna try again tomorrow with a different recipe.

At first, I was really excited. I'm finally doing it!, I thought, so proud of myself. I'm gonna be so healthy and have so much energy! That's what everyone claims, anyway.

First, I blended some spinach with my Silk (soy milk).
I only used about a half cup of Silk, and I think that was one of the problems, too; it was super thick. Next time I'll do a whole cup. Once this was blended, I had a beautiful color:
For whatever reason, this looked delicious to me. I knew it wouldn't taste good, though, so I refrained from taking a sample!

Next, I added some diced, frozen strawberries (I later found out they had also been sweetened with sugar, which probably ruined this smoothie - plain strawberries would have been much better), a banana, and some peanut butter. I didn't measure anything, just dumped in whatever looked good (which also might have been my problem!).
And I was left with that nasty-lookin stuff. I was pretty put-off by the color, but I decided to try it anyway. I was surprised to find it did taste pretty good. Like I said, though, I just couldn't get past the color and the thickness.
That's how much it made. A pretty decent amount. I sent DH this picture and he was disgusted, haha. I did drink the whole glass yesterday for breakfast, and I put the Mason jar in the fridge. This morning, I took it out with the intentions of drinking it, but one look and my stomach turned. The smoothie is now gray and even thicker! No, thank you. So no smoothie today.

So it sounds like that I didn't really like the green smoothie at all, doesn't it? I just need to keep trying and come up with a recipe I like. My plan for tomorrow is either bananas and grapes or bananas and apples with the spinach. We'll see how it goes!

I think in my last post about smoothies, I said I was gonna try the Silk instead of milk to see if I noticed a taste difference. Well, I tried it and it still tasted just as delicious! That was good to know. It seems Silk and cow's milk really are pretty interchangeable. So far, I haven't tried any other concoctions. I just love the Silk, banana, and peanut butter mix so much.

I'll be back next week with Round 2 of Green Smoothies. ( :

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