This is officially the last post about my living room curtains. (Insert fanfare here.) I made my decision on Friday, and as soon as I got home that afternoon I took "before" pictures, then hung the new curtains. And was extremely pleased with how they looked!

Not much to say here, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. ( :


You'll have to excuse the multitude of pink toys in here. I've tried several different storage/organization solutions for them, but nothing has worked. So I gave up! Normally, C's toys are confined to that one space. She's good about picking up after herself (most of the time). So I've learned to just live with it. Our house will not be featured in any magazines, and we actually live here, and this is our life. ( :

And now for the "after" pictures! (Sorry, I was having trouble getting great shots. The lighting was terrible! But you can get the idea.)

What do you think? Its a HUGE difference to me. The new curtains make the whole room look lighter, more fresh. And a little bit more modern. Which is not really my style, but I like the little touch of it here. In the store, these curtains looked off-white, so I was a little worried they would look dingy next to the white trim, curtain rod, and ceiling in the room, but they look white in there.

For now, we're still living with the old throw pillows on the couch. One is red stripes and the other is green stripes. (The couch is on the opposite side of the window.) I'm gonna take my time and find pillows that I really love. Or just some pretty fabric and make my own covers.

At Christmastime, I'll probably swap out the new curtains for the old red ones. Because I really do love the way the red curtains look during the holiday season, especially with a pretty Christmas tree right next to them! ( :

And that, my friends, is THE END of the story of my living room curtains! ( :

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