Decision Made!

I promise, I am almost done talking about my living room curtain situation! ( :

When I get something on my mind to do, I want to do it NOW. It consumes my every waking (and sleeping) thought - well, not quite, but it feels like it! I might have an idea to do something and hang onto it for a few months (or even years), but once I make the decision to do it, I want it DONE. Like ASAP. I guess there are worse character traits to have, right?

So this is why I've been obsessing over my living room curtains this entire week. Every night while rocking C to sleep I imagine what new (blue) curtains will look like in there. I've thought about it and thought about it. And thought about it. Even though I can see it plain as day in my head, I know blue curtains in there might actually look ridiculous. Which is why I've been hesitant to buy the ones I've been blogging about all week. (Sorry.)

I had the bright idea the other day that making my own curtains might be cheaper. I researched no sew tutorials and felt confidant that I could handle it myself. I'm pretty handy with an iron (haha). So today on my lunch break I hit up all the fabric stores in town. I just knew I'd find the perfect fabric and it would be the perfect price.

Yeah, right!!

I was completely overwhelmed in the first store. So many fabrics in there...I'll probably dream about that tonight. I looked and looked, but nothing was screaming I'm the one! at me. On I went to the next store. I actually found a fabric I was in love with. It was an outdoor fabric, but I figured that doesn't matter. It was a gorgeous blue and white pattern, similar to the blue curtains I had picked out at Lowe's this week. Unfortunately, it was $18 per yard. Way too pricey. My goal was to make the curtains myself if I could make them cheaper than I could buy them ready-made. At the third store, I didn't find a single thing I liked. My friend J suggested shopping online, but I wanted something TODAY. I either wanted to hang curtains tonight, or start making them tomorrow.

So I headed back to Lowe's. I looked through all their curtains, just to make sure there was nothing else there that caught my eye. Thank goodness I did that! I stumbled across these beauties:
(That's a picture of the packaging.) The design is navy blue. Once I saw them, I was torn between them and the original blue ones I liked.
Furious text messaging with a few friends ensued. I even grabbed a Lowe's employee and demanded her opinion! I probably hemmed and hawed over these dang curtains for a good 10 minutes. I was leaning towards the pattern on the left, but I kept thinking, what if I regret not getting the other blue ones?? (I know, first-world problems, right?!)

In the end, everyone I asked voted for the one on the left in the picture above. And the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Since that blue is a true navy, it will be easier to match. The other blue is more of an indigo. While I love the pattern and the color, it will probably be frustrating to find fabric or pillows in that color - and that will drive me nuts (just like my wall color does when it comes to decorating!).

Plus, there was a nice price break with the new pattern: $19.95 versus $26.95 per panel. Sold!
I can't wait to get home and put these babies up to see how they look. I hope I'm not disappointed. Its gonna be tragic to have this much lead way and then totally hate them in my living room! We shall see. And then, I promise, that will be the last time I talk about my living room curtains! ( :

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